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Top 10 Reasons To Live In An RV 2024

RV Top Ten Cheap RV living is a valid way of life. Living in your RV or van doesn't mean you are a creepy old man trying to seduce children with free candy, it means you are choosing a life of freedom. You are free from the confines of a house, free from taxes and HOA fees, free to live where and how you want. Don't let other people influence your choice to be free, they are simply too afraid to do what you are considering (or already doing). Here are some of the best reasons to give up the old stick-n-briks house and live in your van or RV...

  1. If you don't like your neighbors, moving is easy.
    Is it me, or do I see more and more cases on Judge Judy involving disgruntled neighbors? If you have a house and a horrible neighbor moves in next door, your choices are quite limited as to what you can do about it. If you live in an RV, ask the park manager for a different spot... or if you are there on a day to day basis, move to another park. Ah, ain't the simple life just grand?

  2. Get a million dollar view for about $25 a night.
    Imagine watching the sun set over the Grand Teton Mountains, or watching elk and buffalo grazing in your front yard. There are RV parks just about anywhere you would want to go and often times the prices are quite reasonable. I can't fathom what a house with a view would cost in some of our nation's most scenic places. And if you bought a house, you might want to re-read number 1.

  3. No yard to take care of!
    There is no snow to shovel, no leaves to rake, no grass to mow, no watering, no fertilizing, no weed eating, etc. Doesn't that sound wonderful? Well, it is!

  4. Run from or follow the weather.
    Hate cold weather? Go south for the winter. Hate hot weather, go north or up (in elevation, that is). They call them Winter Texans in Texas and Snowbirds in Florida. You can be either or neither. A hurricane headed your way? Hook that camper up and move out of the way. You can't do that in a house.

  5. You can make new friends everywhere you go.
    Campers are a friendly bunch of people, generally speaking. You can make some really great friends in every park or campground you stay at. We met some folks in a Tennessee campground and actually parked next to them again a year later in Texas.

  6. Less is more.
    Having less stuff means having less to worry about, less to maintain and less to keep up with. Is it so much nicer to have everything you own with you and have it all be as mobile as you are.

  7. You get to see more.
    Since your home is mobile, you can go to anywhere you like. Ride the Blue Ridge Parkway, get your kicks on Route 66, drive the Pacific Coast Highway and stop as often as you like, stay as long as you like and enjoy the RV life.

  8. There is less to clean.
    Less space means less space to clean. And having less to clean means less time spent cleaning. Most people hate cleaning but it is something that has to be done. Would you rather spend hours or days cleaning a house or about 30-45 minutes cleaning an RV? And remember, if you clean as you go then it doesn't pile up. And if you don't make a mess, then you don't have it to clean up.

  9. Your pet loves RVing just as much as you do.
    Yep, good ol' Fido or Fifi will spend hours gazing out the front window as you travel. He/she will love experiencing new sights and new smells at every campground and your pet will bond with you more than ever. That being said, get one that will live a long time because losing a pet is very hard on you. If you do lose a pet, the best remedy is to immediately get a new one!

  10. It is generally cheaper to live in an RV.
    If you are currently living in a house, condo or apartment, you can afford to live in an RV. And you can probably do it for less than what you are currently paying. Consider buying a used RV, it is not necessary to have a Class A motorhome and the longer you stay in one spot, the cheaper it is. And if you are really frugal, just know a lot of people live in vans full time!
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