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When we first started riding we bought the simple rain suits that Wal-Mart sells. They are great if you're just out and about in the rain but they are definitely not suited for wet weather riding. Water would come in at the front zipper and it would puddle up in the folds of the material as we sat on the seats.

Now, I was familiar with Nelson-Rigg before we got the rain suits as I own a set of saddlebags from them. Since I was so pleased with the quality of the saddlebags, I decided to give their rain gear a try. I am glad I did!

We bought matching black and yellow AX-1 MK III rain suits from our local motorcycle shop, paid $59 plus tax for each suit. The quality of the suits is immediately evident. Thick but flexible outer shell, cooling vents for ventilation, mesh interior the aids air flow, heavy jacket zipper with velcro storm flap (something the Wal-Mart rain suit lacked), suspenders on the pants as well as boot straps... all features you would want and expect on a quality rain suit.

We have had to put them on quite a few times. We just pull over, pull the pants on first since they have suspenders, then the jacket. I especially like how the jacket has a snug fitting collar and no hood. A hood is a pain when you are wearing a helmet. We have ridden in everything from misting rain to monsoon like downpours and the suits have kept us warm and dry.

I can't think of a single thing to improve the suits, I guess Nelson-Rigg knows what they are doing. So, if you are in the market for a fantastic rain suit to use when riding (or even when not riding), then I definitely suggest you get a Nelson-Rigg product.

The Nelson-Rigg AX-1 MK III has the following features:
  • Two-piece 100% waterproof rain suit
  • PVC-coated polyester with electronically heat sealed seams
  • Jacket features exclusive cooling vents under arms and on back allowing full ventilation while keeping you dry
  • Jacket closes with heavy zipper and Velcro® storm flap
  • Elasticized cuffs and highly visible reflective striping both on jacket and pants for night riding
  • Pants with suspenders and elasticized waist
  • Vents in pants, and 17” gussets and Velcro® cinch straps for easy boot entry
  • Lifetime “No Hassle” warranty
  • See Nelson-Rigg Rain Gear for more information.

Overall, we give the Nelson-Rigg rain suit a 5 out of 5!
Five Stars

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