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What do I need to have in my RV?

Question Mark Woot! You've got that new (or new to you) camper home! You're excited to go on your first camping trip but you just aren't sure what all you will need. Hopefully, this page will help you figure this out. If you already have everything you NEED for your camper, check out this page for things you might WANT for your camper. :)

We suggest that your do your first overnight camping trip in your driveway. That's right, no need to go anywhere. This way when you notice something you forgot, you just run inside and get it. Now if you have a local campground that's not very far away, by all means go ahead and go there.

We'll assume that nothing came with your camper. If it came with everything you need, that's even better but we want to cover the bases for others. This list is in no particular order and not everyone will agree with it, but that's quite alright. You can leave your comments below if you have something to add. Now let's see what all most people will need to have in a new camper...

  •     Fire Extinguisher - If there is a fire spreading in your camper, GET OUT! The fire extinguisher is that red thing by your door that you run past when your camper is on fire. If you have a small fire that has not started to spread, then use your extinguisher to put it out, otherwise get out and call 911. Campers burn very fast!

  •     Power Cord - Your camper may be 15A, 30A or 50A. Almost every camper will come with a power cord but in case yours didn't, you'll need one. A minimum of 25' is needed, you can always get an extension later if you see the need. Check your local camping supply store or click the links to find the power cord you need. If the link doesn't show the exact one you need, you should be able to locate it by searching from that page.

  •     Power Cord Adapters - It will happen. You will get to a campsite that doesn't have the exact plug you need. This is why you carry every adapter option with you at all times. You'll need the first 2 for sure, the 3rd if you require 50A service: 30A to 15A, 30A - 50A and a 50A - 30A. This way, you'll always be able to plug in.

  •     Sewer Hose - You'll need at least 10' but you'll wish you had 20'. We suggest carrying two 10' sections of sewer hose with you at all times. This kit has everything you need; 1 Universal Elbow, one Hose Adapter, two Ultimate Sewer Hoses (10’), one Hose Coupler and four Sewer Seals. It provides a simple, secure connection for distances up to 20 feet.

  •     Sewer Hose Support - To make sure the things that flow through a sewer hose keep on flowing, you need to support the hose so that it maintains the proper slope to the drain hole. We use the sidewinder version.

  •     Drinking Water Hose - These hoses are white or blue and are labeled for drinking water use. A 25' hose is the minimum and a 50' hose would be best for just about any campsite.

  •     90° Elbow - This attaches to your camper's city water inlet and keeps the pressure caused by the hose pulling on it from damaging it. Trust me, you really want one of these even if you think you don't need it.

  •     Water Pressure Regulator - The water lines in your camper are rated for a certain pressure. Should you connect to a water supply with too much pressure, a blowout and a flood inside your camper will occur. You can get a really good one or a cheap one, the choice is yours.

  •     Water Filter - If your camper doesn't have one built in, we suggest you get one. You can get the replaceable filter type or you can get the disposable type. Filters will keep dirt, unwanted chemicals and other debris out of your holding tanks and water lines.

  •     Wheel Chocks - You don't want your camper to roll away after you unhook it. A set of wheel chocks will keep this from happening unless you are just parked on a really steep grade.

  •     Leveling Blocks - Once you find a site, you need to make sure your camper is level. To save on weight, use plastic leveling blocks instead of wood. You can also add chocks to these levelers to make the task even easier.

  •     Toilet Paper - Please don't forget this. Imagine walking to the camper next to you and saying "This is our first camping trip and we... we ummm, we uhhhh, we didn't bring any toilet paper". You'll hear a hearty laugh and the friendly camper will gladly donate a roll to you. Always use 1 ply paper as it dissolves better than 2 ply. You don't want a stopped up holding tank!

  •     Pen & Paper - Yep, this is needed to write down anything you think of that you need or want for future camping trips.

So there you have it, the basic list of things you will NEED in your camper. And you'll need them on subsequent camping trips as well, so keep them in the camper! Now you can check out this page for things you might WANT for your camper.

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