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How To Find A Campground

If you like to camp in a tent or RV, then you have experienced the frustration of finding a campground. If you are in a new area and not familiar with the available parks, finding a safe spot to camp for the night can be frustrating. We've traveled across the US and have camped in places for just one night and even spent a year and a half in one spot! Gotta love the Rio Grande Valley! Anyway, we hope the information on this page will help you easily find your next campground.

 The absolute easiest way for us to find a campground is using Google Maps. Simply open Google Maps in your browser and type in the location of the area you want to visit. In the search box, delete anything that might be in it already and simply type in "campgrounds" or "rv parks". Your map will now show you all the campgrounds in the area along with their exact location and contact information. It even includes reviews! Pick one you like, give them a call to see if their rates and amenities suits your needs.

 If you are a member of Passport America (and you should be!) click this link to go to their page. Once there, click "campgrounds" and start searching for a park in your area. You can also click that link to join Passport America if you are not already a member. Passport America pays for itself in just a few nights!

 Another option is to use Reserve America. We use this one alot as well. There are thousands of public and privately-owned campgrounds catering to the needs of millions of campers using tents, travel trailers, motor homes or other types of RVs. This campground directory will describe each, as to location, season, rates and amenities. This directory includes federal, state and privately owned facilities. is another site we use frequently. It is your gateway to discover America's Outdoors and more! is your one-stop shop for trip planning, information sharing and reservations brought to you by 12 federal Participating Partners. Seven of these partner agencies including the Army Corps of Engineers, Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Archives, offer advance reservations at 2,500 federal areas for over 60,000 facilities and activities. Use to: Discover which parks, forests, lakes, museums, and areas managed by federal agencies offer recreation opportunities near you or your destination; Use interactive maps to get information, plan your trip, or to initiate a reservation on-line.

There are many other websites that can help you find a campground, but we we don't use them and there are just too many to list. We have a 100% success rate in finding a campground using the options above. Keep in mind, if you want to camp during a holiday, you will need to make a reservation months in advance. Some places are booked well over a year in advance... I'm looking at you Topsail!
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