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When choosing our headgear, we thought about the old adage.. "if you have a $10 head, wear a $10 helmet". Well, I guess we have $65 heads, LOL. We wanted open face helmets since full-face helmets limit our view and sightseeing is the reason we ride. Let me be the first to say that if you are riding at highway speeds you really should be wearing a quality full-face helmet. Since we cruise merrily along at roughly 37 MPH, we decided an open face helmet would provide us with suitable protection.

We went to our local motorcycle dealer who has a wide assortment of helmets in stock to choose from. We really liked the Scorpion EXO helmets but we don't think we have $200 heads (haha), so we moved on to other brands. Our deciding factors were: it must be DOT approved, it must be open faced and have a shield that goes up and down, it must look good on and it must not cost too much. All things considered, we really liked the looks and features of the Fulmer Model 655 helmets.

The Fulmer 655 helmet has a very good look when worn and it is the first helmet I have used that you can actually feel the air passing over your scalp when you have the vents open! This is wonderful on hot summer days. The helmets are very easy to put on (important as we both wear eyeglasses) and there is room for our communication system without it touching our ears. Cynthia gave her helmet "the test" on her second ride, overshooting a curve and flying over the handlebars. She was fine and the helmet took the brunt of the impact and barely has a scratch on it. She also dropped her helmet on the concrete at a campground and that made a far worse mark than her crash. (She told me not tell that to anyone.)

The only negative about the helmet is that it is not Snell approved... and that's not really a bad thing depending on who you talk to. We think you'll be very happy with a Fulmer helmet, they have many different models for you to choose from. If money is no object, go for the Scorpion EXO helmets (it is what we bought for our son who rides a Kawasaki Ninja).

The Fulmer 655 helmet has the following features:
  • DOT approved
  • Quick release shield
  • Ultra plush removable/washable interior
  • Rear Exhaust Diffuser
  • Padded D-Ring retention system
  • Adjustable top vent
  • UV protective clear coated paint
  • Speaker/Communication System Pockets
  • Visit the official Fulmer web site for more information.

Overall, we give the Fulmer 655 Helmets a 4 out of 5!
Four Stars
You can shop for motorcycle helmets of all types here.

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