Official Die Cut Sonicsix Stickers

Want an official sonicsix logo sticker?  Send $5 to my GMAIL account and include the info specified below.  If you don't know how to send money via GMAIL, just click here.  Or you can send $5 cash to:
Sonicsix, 177 Tabernacle Rd, Brent, AL 35034
Be sure to include your name, mailing address, and which design you want (A or B).  Design A only comes as shown.  Design B can be in black or white and in the sizes indicated below. If you want Design B, I need to know the size and color you want!  If you don't specify which design you want, you will get Design A.  US addresses only.

Official Sonicsix Sticker
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Official Sonicsix Sticker
Click To Enlarge   -   Sorry for the glare, this is on my windscreen.

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My motorcycle is a 2016 Honda NM4.
My main helmet cam is a Drift Ghost S.
My handlebar cam is a Midland 1080p:
My rear facing cam is a Midland 720p:
My Helmet is a Bell Revolver EVO.
My Jacket is by Speed & Strength:
My in-helmet audio is by Sena:
My gloves are made by Fly.
My boots are Firstgear Mesh Hi Boots:
My pants are Sedici Alonso:

I am not sponsored by anyone. The brands I bought were based on price, style and reviews.

If you feel the need to write to me, here's how:
Sonicsix, 177 Tabernacle Rd, Brent, AL 35034

Honda NM4

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